What’s This?

Geeveston Central is a free service provided by Paul Sleigh of Huon Computer Solutions, for everyone who lives in or visits the Geeveston area.  It provides a directory of all the businesses based in the 7116 postcode area: Geeveston, Castle Forbes Bay, Port Huon, Surges Bay, Surveyors Bay, Cairns Bay, Brooks Bay and Police Point.

Can I be included?

If you run a business or service in the Geeveston area, yes.  Otherwise, not at the moment, sorry! If Geeveston Central works out, I hope to invent Huon Central for the entire Huon Valley, so keep watching.  If you live outside the Huon, I can’t help you — you’ll just have to do what sensible people do and move here!

What does it cost?

Nothing! Not a penny!  I’m doing this because it needs to be done, and it annoys me that nobody has done it before.  It takes a bit of my time, but I already have the resources and the skills, and if a person only does useful stuff when they’re paid, what good are they?

But what about the Geeveston Township Business Directory?

The Geeveston Township Business Directory is a far more in-depth version of this site. Businesses pay a small annual fee and get, in effect, their own business website (a “brochure site”, in the jargon) with multiple photos and much more space for text.  I link to the Directory where possible. If you have a business in the Geeveston area, drop them a line and get involved.

What’s that background image?

The background is called Geeveston Fanny apples, and is by Fred and Hannah Photography.  It’s licensed to permit commercial use with attribution.