Geeveston’s original wooden statues were carved by Bernie Tarr and another artist.  There are seven of Tarr’s pieces in various places around the main part of the town, plus a number of others by unknown artists.



“The Pioneers”
(heritage couple): in front of the Geeveston Bakery
Bill Trevaskis (chemist): beside the Geeveston Pharmacy
Oswald Kyle (doctor): in front of the Geeveston Library
Jim Wotherspoon (police officer): beside the Geeveston Visitor Centre
Jessica Hannabury (milliner): beside the Geeveston Visitor Centre
Simon Burgess (rower): just up from the Bendigo Bank
Jim Hinchey (blacksmith): opposite The Aurora Fae Studio Gallery
John Geeves (founding father) and a fruit picker: opposite Cambridge House
A wood cutter: inside the front door of the Geeveston Visitor Centre
The Loony Toons character “Tassie Devil”: garden of private house, Glen Huon Rd Judbury

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